Fulton County Treasurer

County Treasurer: 
Heather A. Scribner

Felicia M. Duesler
Assistant Deputy:
Shannon Brott

Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday: 
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
Summer Hours: 
Monday - Friday: 
(July 1 - Labor Day) 
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

County Office Building 
223 West Main Street 
Room 202 
Johnstown, NY 12095

(518) 736-5580


The office of the Chief Fiscal Officer of the County is responsible for legally receiving all revenues due the County and disbursing the funds as set forth in the budget approved previously by the Board of Supervisors.

The department collects all delinquent school, village, town and county taxes and the handling thereof, including the entire property foreclosure process and the property auction procedure, according to the New York State Real Property Tax Law. The Treasurer’s office works directly with local town tax collectors to insure professional and proper tax enforcement. The office also collects and enforces all taxes in regard to the City of Gloversville parcels.

The Treasurer’s office offers an installment plan offered to qualified residential property owners who are delinquent on their property taxes under the rules and regulations set forth by the Board of Supervisors.

The County’s Fixed Asset Inventory is recorded and maintained for each County Department.


The Treasurer's office administers the Fulton County Occupancy Tax Law which monitors, collects, and enforces all regulations under the law that went into effect on July, 2017. Certificate of Residency forms are also issued from the Treasurer’s office.

As Chief Fiscal Officer for the County, the Treasurer serves as Public Administrator at the discretion of the Surrogate Court Judges. The Chief Fiscal Officer is responsible for the preparation and delivery of the following reports to various state and federal agencies: Annual Update Document, Audited Financial Statements & Federal Single Audit, Cost Allocation Plan, Report of the Chief Fiscal Officer (Public Administrator), Report of Abandoned Properties, Governmental Accounting Standards Boards Statement #34, Governmental Accounting Standards Boards Statement #45, Report of Treasurer Annual Court & Trust Report, and the annual Securities and Exchange Commission Disclosure Statement.

The Treasurer is accountable for all County investments including but not limited to CD’s, CDARS, Treasury Bills, or any Comptroller approved investments.

(Heather A. Scribner - County Treasurer)


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Help Wanted – Join the Team!

The Treasurer’s office has immediate positions available.

We are a professional office that takes pride in customer service.  
The office is made up of 8 positions and are located in the City of Johnstown at the County Building.  
The office staff works closely with all county government departments. The Treasurer’s Office is the receiver of all revenues and disbursements.  
In addition, the office is in charge of tax enforcement (property taxes) includes receiver of delinquent taxes and is the County Tax Collector for the City of Gloversville.  

Applications can be submitted to the Personnel Department at 1 East Montgomery Street, Johnstown NY 12095