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County Historian:
Samantha Hall-Saladino

Wednesdays from 8am-4pm
Appointment Requested for Research

19 N. William St.
Johnstown NY 12095

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Fulton County Historian FAQ

The Fulton County Historian is responsible for teaching, preserving, researching, and advocating for our community's past. The county historian鈥檚 office offers public presentations; assistance with researching historic properties for National and State Historic Register applications; fields research requests; and provides access to the historical records owned by the office.

A Brief History of Fulton County

Prior to the 18th century, the lands that would become Fulton County were used by the Mohawk Indians as hunting and fishing grounds. By the turn of the century, New Englanders and settlers from the Hudson River Valley were looking to expand, hoping to find farmland along the frontier.

In 1704, Sampson Broughton, the Attorney General of New York, purchased 700,000 acres from the Mohawk Indians in the area that now contains Broadalbin and Perth. Unfortunately, the Mohawks had little knowledge of land ownership and were easily taken advantage of.

This was the case with this Kayaderosseras Tract purchased by Broughton for next to nothing. Discovering the dishonest plot, the Mohawks were understandably angry, and no permanent settlements were made in the area until the close of the French and Indian War in 1763.


Can you help me research my ancestors?

The county historian is unable to assist with genealogical research requests. However, if there is a specific document you are searching for (naturalization record, census record, entry from a city directory), the historian can send you a copy if it is available.

Vital records must be requested through the municipality in which the event occurred.

For requests for records dating prior to 1838, please contact the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives.

Can I come do research in your office?

Yes, research hours are available by appointment. Please contact the historian.

How can I donate something to your collection?

The county historian鈥檚 office is happy to accept donations of documents and photographs for research purposes. Larger or non-paper items may be better suited to the Fulton County Museum or other local historical society. Contact the historian for more information.

Can you give a presentation to our organization/group/club?


The county historian provides presentations on a number of different topics to local groups for no charge.

Can you help research the history of my house?

The historian鈥檚 office can assist with researching the history of your property.

There are many benefits to listing a property on the historic register, including tax credits for rehabilitation of historic properties.

Please contact the office or visit nps.gov/subjects/nationalregister/ or parks.ny.gov/shpo/ for more information.