Fulton County Coroner's Office (FCCO)

Margaret Luck

Deputy Coroner:
Sherry Brown

Office Hours:
By Appointment

223 West Main Street, Room 11
Johnstown NY 12095

(518) 736-5565



Fulton County Coroner鈥檚 Office (FCCO) investigates all deaths caused by any criminal means, violence or suicide, and any unattended death, whatever the cause. FCCO investigate any deaths in a hospital, nursing home or State facility that occur with in 24 hours of admission or after a invasive procedure.

Our goals is always to promote health and safety for our community through education and outreach programs.

Image of Margret E. Luck ~ Coroner/D-ABMDI

Margret E. Luck ~ Coroner/D-ABMDI

Image of Sherry Brown ~ Deputy Coroner

Sherry Brown ~ Deputy Coroner


What do I do now?

   •  Contact a funeral home of your choice and tell them what has transpired
   •  Talk with friends and/or family who have also had to make funeral arrangements
   •  Funeral homes are required by law to quote services and prices over the telephone. Call or have someone call several before making your decision.
   •  The coroner cannot make recommendations.
   •  After the funeral home selection has been made, inform the funeral home that the Coroner is involved.

Is an autopsy always performed?

Not always. The Coroner will normally not perform an autopsy if all the factors below apply:

   •  The death is a 鈥淣atural Cause",
   •  The deceased has a physician who knows the medical cause of death,
   •  The physician has treated the patient with 1 month prior to death and
   •  The physician can furnish the Coroner with an acceptable cause.

Is there a cost to an autopsy?

The Coroner's Fffice will not charge the family for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

However, if the family wants an autopsy despite the cause of death being clear, than the family is responsible for making those arrangement with their physician and will be responsible for the cost at that time.

How do I retain a copy of the autopsy report?

Only immediate family can obtain the records.

Contact us and we will send you the request form to fill out, we will require a photo identification as well as your relationship to the deceased.

How can I receive a death certificate?

The funeral home will issue the family a certified copy of the death certificate at the time of the funeral.

However additional copies can only be obtained by the Registrar Office in the jurisdiction that the person died in.

Can I contact the Coroner鈥檚 Office ?

Certainly. You can call 518-736-5565 or email mluck@fultoncountyny.gov.

Please note that at the time of death, families are given additional contact information in order to reach us.