County Clerk's Office

County Clerk:
Leisa D鈥橝more
Deputy County Clerk:
Carrie Arndt

Motor Vehicle Supervisor:
Lori Western

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday:
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
No Recordings after 4:30 PM

July & August:
Monday - Friday:
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
No Recordings after 3:30 PM

County Office Building
223 W. Main Street
Johnstown NY 12095

(518) 736-5555
(518) 736-5967
Motor Vehicles:
(518) 736-5571
Motor Vehicle Fax:
(518) 736-5966


To visit the County Clerk,
no appointment is necessary for most purposes.

Please note that during the months of July and August, the department closes at 4pm.


Search Online

Fulton County Offers Online Public Search

Searchers may access records
anytime at

Subscription Fees
In State:  $50 per month / $0.50 per page to print
Out of State:  $100.00 per month / $0.50 per page to print

Non-Subscribers  $15 for 24-hour access / $5 per document to print


The Fulton County County Clerk's Office manages DMV and various records. These include:
   路   Assignments
   路   Business Certificates
   路   DBA Applications
   路   Deeds
   路   Discharges
   路   Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)
   路   Foreclosure
   路   Maps
   路   Mechanic's Liens
   路   Mortgages
   路   Notice of Appeal
   路   Notary
   路   Passport Applications
   路   Partnership Agreements
   路   POA's
   路   Tax Liens
   路   UCC

What are the Recording Fees?

Deeds, Mortgages, Discharges, POA's, Assignments,255 Affidavit, etc.
$45.00 + $5.00/page

Conveyance Letter
(under a 300 Class code)

Each Additional Name
(beyond First Name)

Each cross reference
(on Assignments, Discharges, Etc)


Equalization & Assessment form

New York Transfer Tax
$4.00per thousand

Purchase Price
less than $100 - No Tax

Assignment of Mortgage:
If assignment assigns more than one mortgage $3.00 additional fee for each in excess of one

Discharge of Mortgage:
If discharge is discharging more than one mortgage, the charge would be additional $45.00

What are the Filing Fees?

Assumed Name & Partnership Agreements
Amendment $3.00

Building & Loan Contract

Dissolution of Marriage Certificate

Federal Tax Lien
Discharge of Federal Tax Lien

UCC FIling
(only those against property are filed in our office)

Mechanics Liens

File Affidavit of Service for Mechanics Liens
To continue or cancel
No Fee

What are the Court Fees?

Foreclosure Index Number

Index Number

Note of Issue


File Motion or Cross Motion

Demand for Jury Trial

Notice of Appeal

SCAR Petitions
(small claims assessment review)

Stipulation of Settlement of Voluntary Discontinuance

Certified Copies

Exemplified Copy

Notary Republic... File Oath

Issue Certificate of Appointment

Issue Certificate of Authentification

Seperation Agreement


File Transcript

Issue Transcript

File Satisfaction
No Fee

File Disposition
No Fee

Issue Disposition


Can my Documents be returned to me?

but you MUST include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope ( SASE) for return of each document.

Do I file for Marriage, Birth or Death Certificate at the County Clerk's office?

These Documents are filed at your local municipality

I see I can apply for a passport, Do you do Passport photos?

We have all the paperwork you need to file a passport.
We do not take passport photos here and you must provide your own